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If I told you that you could learn to Catch bass well enough to compete with the Pros' on the Bassmasters trail and win! and you could learn this for less than the price of one cheap fishing rod, Would you be interested? Well read on!      

    You Can Catch Bass Like The Pros'


Did you ever wonder how the Pro Bass Fisherman are able to catch so many, and such big bass at any season of the year, in all sort's of adverse weather conditions, and on lakes and rivers which they have never fished on?

Is it because they have such great skills in flipping, pitching and casting? Are they able to catch fish so well because they have all the latest lures, boats and the best equipment that money can buy? Or do you think that they just have some magical "ESP" that tells them what lures to use and where to use them?

My name is Jeffery Hughes. I have been a Bass fisherman for more than 30 years and a professional guide and tournament fisherman for 22 of those years.

Would you be surprised if I told you that NONE! of the skill's mentioned above are what makes the pro's better fisherman than you?

While having those skills are definitely a big plus to any angler, they are low on the scale of importance when it comes to the skill's needed to catch bass like the pro's

The Secret That The Pros' Don't Share

If you are like most Bass Fisherman, you read articles’ in a magazine or on the internet. Most of the articles are written based on the experience's of a given Pro Bass Fisherman.

He or she will explain in detail how a particular lure works well at certain depth on some particular type of cover or structure. The article will explain in detail how to present the lure and give diagrams’ on how the fish may be situated on the cover or structure and even go into the details of the whole pattern it's self.

After reading one of these articles, most anglers begin to picture themselves on the water using the same lure and on the same basic type structure as described in the article, and they picture themselves Hauling in big bass just like the guy in the magazine article.

So they run out, hitch up the boat, buy some of the lures mentioned in the article and head for the water dreaming of a live well full of big bass at the weigh in. However 90% of the time, at the end of the day, instead of a live well full of Bass, they end up with a live well full of disappointment. Does this sound a little like you?

Well, let me tell you why the magazine article scenario doesn't always work for you. First of all let me make it clear that I AM NOT In any way shape or form knocking or playing down the value of TV shows’, articles in a magazine or any other publication. They are very valuable learning tools’, and you should read all you can.

HOWEVER keep in mind that Bass fishing is a game of circumstances, and those circumstances are constantly changing.

What the Pro's do not usually mention is the fact that one little difference in the circumstances under which you are fishing, can be the difference in catching a live well full of Bass, or catching only that live well full of disappointment.

That one little difference could be one of many things, it could be weather conditions, water clarity, water temperature, different type bottom, or the list goes on and on. Odds are good that the pro in that article  only fished that pattern for one day, or even a couple hours, and then some small change in conditions turned it off.

so in order to keep catching fish consistently he had to change the way he fishes. Are you wondering how he knows WHAT, WHEN and WHERE to fish in order to keep catching fish consistently??

This Is His Secret

That Pro catches fish consistently day after day NOT because he has one secret lure, or one secret technique. He doesn't catch fish day after day because he has the best rod's, reel's and equipment. He is able to catch fish consistently for one reason. It’s because he KNOWS THE BASS. He knows Bass personally!

He knows where he lives, he knows what he eats, when and how he eats it, he knows his likes and dislikes, he knows how the Bass reacts to different weather condition. He knows everything about his life. He simply knows where to find Bass when to find them there, what they will eat and when they will eat it.

How Does He Know The Bass So Well ?

He knows the Bass so well, because he has spent countless hours on the water fishing for them, studying them and learning to THINK LIKE A BASS

I have spent more than 30 years in pursuit of Bass and more than 22 years guiding and teaching other's to catch Bass.

My living depends on knowing how to THINK LIKE A BASS. I have spent all these years learning to do just that. And THINK LIKE A BASS is exactly what YOU must learn to do, if you want to consistently catch them. And that is just what I am going to teach YOU.

How I'm Going To Teach You

Now you are probably thinking Oh No here comes the sales pitch where he tries’ to sell me something" Well, you are right!

What I'm going to try and sell you is 30 years of experience in Bass fishing. That’s 30 years of long days in the scorching heat, freezing cold, rain, beautiful sunny and mild day's and every other kind of weather conditions that mother nature can produce, fishing for, and studying, everything about him and his life. Learning his seasonal movement's, his feeding habits, his likes, his dislikes and Plus many hours of reading books and articles on his life, and

I have packed all my experience and knowledge into an e-book with the simple title LEARN TO THINK LIKE A BASS

how to catch bass like a pro

Simply put, this e-book is 30 years of Bass fishing experience and knowledge of the life and habits of Bass concentrated into a small downloadable internet publication.

There is no long process or waiting for delivery, This is a digital e-book, there is no paper copy. You can pay securely Through "Paypal" by credit card or check online, and 10 minutes from now you can literally be gaining 30 years worth of Bass fishing experience in the time it takes to read this simple e-book.

Here is just some of what you will learn

  • The seasonal movements of Bass. you will know exactly where to find bass at any time of year.


  • About the spawn. you will know everything about the reproduction cycle of Bass. When, Where, and How they reproduce.

  • How weather effects Bass. you will know where to find and catch Bass in all weather conditions.

  • The eating habits of Bass. You will know WHAT Bass eat, When, Where, and How they eat it.

  • His senses. How Bass see, hear, smell, feel and how they use these senses to locate and catch prey.

You will be able to read a topo map and accuartely predict where the fish will be before you even get on the water.

You will learn to read the conditions, establish patterns, and make fishing decisions based on your own knowledge of the fish, just like the pros' do

You will also recieve a FREE subscription to the Think Like A Bass monthly newsletter. You will recieve the newsletter each month via email. It will be packed with lots more "how to" tips and articles to help you Think like a Bass and catch more fish.  

And you get all this for $24.95.Thats less than the price of one cheap fishing rod! and It's 100% guaranteed or you will recieve a full refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED You cannot lose. So get on the right track and do it like the pros' do it.

Your friend's will be amazed at your skill. And if you are a tournament fisherman, you will easily win back much more than the cost of Learn To Think Like A Bass in no time.   


Friend I am not a salesman. I am a professional fishermanI am not someone who is here to grab your money and run. I can be contacted by phone at 404 358 0163 or you can email me at mailto:jguide@tds.net If you have any questions.

I am not going to waste your time and go into a long drawn out sales pitch telling you how this book is going to instantly transform you into a Pro Bass fisherman because it WILL NOT.

But if you want to catch more Bass and catch them more consistently all year in any weather conditions, then You simply MUST know the fish. You MUST know where he lives and when he lives there. You MUST know his eating habits, his likes and dislikes, You MUST know every aspect of his life. You MUST learn to THINK LIKE A BASS.

If you just want to learn to catch more fish and catch them more consistently like the Pro's, this book is going to teach you that. If you want to actually become a Pro, this book is a Huge step in the right direction.

Think about it! This little book is going to save you years of trial and error and time on the water learning about the bass and his life. I have done all that for you.. I have crammed 30 years of experience into this one small e-book! How much is that worth to you?

This little book is going to save you years of trial and error and time on the water learning about the bass and his life. I have done all that for you.. I have crammed 30 years of experience into this one small e-book! How much is that worth to you?

I'm sure that it's worth thousands of dollars to most bass fisherman, but if you are like me you don't have thousands of dollars to throw at an e-book to help you with your Bass fishing.

So that is why I'm selling it today for ONLY $24.95. That's about one half the price of a day out fishing in a bass boat!! I have been told that I'm off my rocker for selling it this cheap, and they are probably right. But there is only one thing that I enjoy more than fishing, and that one thing is teaching others to fish.

I'm not going to lie to you and say that I don't hope to make money, because like everyone else, I certainly do hope to profit from this book. But what I desire most from the sales of this e-book is not to make lots of money. I hope to help as many people as possible, enjoy catching more fish from what they learn from it. So the price is only $24.95 and it will stay at that price for a few more days.

My Personal Guarantee

If you are like me your money is hard earned, and you cannot afford to throw money away on worthless crap. So let me put your mind at ease. Your money is perfectly safe with me. YOU HAVE MY PERSONAL GUARANTEE on that.

I have worked very hard to gain my credibility as a professional fisherman and I simply WILL NOT put that credibility at risk. So if within 30 days’ you are not catching more fish, and you don't feel that you have learned anything worth the price of this e-book or for any reason you don't believe it to be worth much more than the $24.95 just send me an email, AT mailto:jguide@tds.net and I will refund every penny of your money, no questions asked.


Even if you decide not to take advantage of this great opportunity, I sincerely wish you success in reaching your goals in the sport, what ever they may be. And would love to help you do so for FREE
by giving you a FREE subscription to my THINK LIKE A BASS  newsletter.

Each month you will receive the newsletter via email. It will be packed with good articles and tips that will help you catch more fish, and you have my personal guarantee that your email address will NEVER EVER under any circumstances be sold, given to, or viewed by any third party.

The newsletter is now posted to our bass fishing blog here

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