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  1. When water temps are very cold in winter and the bass are deep and inactive, remember that nothing is more appealing to bass than a spot where the water temps are just a little warmer than the rest of the lake. on sunny days in Winter look for shallow pockets, coves or rocky banks on the north side of the lake that get the most sunshine and you just may find a lot of bass shallow and eager to eat a lure.
  2. 2. Did you ever encounter a big bass on bed in shallow water that just refused to eat your plastic lure? switch to a plastic lizard. Lizards are notorious for eating the eggs of bass. Bass will kill any lizard in or near its bed.

    If the fish still refuses to bite, make a small cut in the mid section of the plastic lizard and insert half of an Alka Seltzer  (yes they're good for more than just a stomach ache) then cast it into the fish's bed and let it lay and fizz. Watch what happens and hang on tight to your rod.

    3. There's tons of scents on the market that you can buy which are formulated to attract and help fishermen catch bass. However the one which always works best is not marketed as a fish attractant at all. It's plain old WD-40. That's right the spray can you use on your reel and on that squeeky door hinge is also a very effective fish attractant to spray on your bass lures.